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Besakih Temple Tours

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besakih temple bali

Besakih Mother Temple Tours at bali ecotourism [dot] com, will take you to the spots you have always wanted to go. Lunch at Bukit Jambul cannot be missed, imagine having lunch in the plateau area surrounded by terrace rice fields, valley, and sea view. Next destination is Pura Besakih or Besakih Mother Temple, which is said as the biggest temple in Bali and even in Indonesia. This sacred temple was constructed in the eleventh century.

Itinerary :

  • Tohpati (Center of Batik, hand weaving/making batik)
  • Lunch at Bukit Jambul (local restaurant)
  • Pengelipuran traditional village
  • Pura Besakih (Besakih Temple)
  • Kerta Gosa (floating hall, court of justice)

Tohpati (Center of Batik, hand weaving/making batik)
Tohpati is widely known as the center of handmade Balinese batik with various colors and shapes. Here the visitors will be exhibited the Batik making and hand weaving process. Finally you can buy some to bring home. The specialties of Balinese Batik can be seen from the strong Javanese motifs; some of modern Batik applies the paintings objects, such as Balinese culture, ceremonies, beautiful sites, or mythological figures. Batik is one of the most beautiful wearable art and the approach to the other side of Balinese rich culture.

Penglipuran Traditional Village
This village can be reached through roads connecting district of Bangli with Kintamani. From Bangli town to the north up to Kubu Village about 5 kilometers, then have a left turn, one will arrive at Penglipuran and will be received with warm welcome by the villagers. The air is fresh because it is located at 700 meters above sea level. From historical point of view, according to the village elders, the words Penglipuran' is drived from the words 'Pengeling Pura'means a holy place for remembering their ancestors. It is reasonable since their ancestors came from Bayung Gede village, still In Kintamani district. Since from Bayung Gede to Penglipuran is quite along distance there fore the people of Penglipuran, established the same temple as the temple In Bayung Gede. We can drow conclusion from this matter that the people of Penglipuran is still remembering their origin. Another opinion stated that Penglipuran'is derived from the word Penglipuran'mean 'relaxation'since on the royal period this place was a good spot for resting place.This village has cultural potency which is up to the present time still well preserved in the from of traditional Balinese buildings; which differentiate this village from others.The population is 743 person, most of them are farmers and just few as civil servants. Dances and handicrafts are well developed in this remote village

Lunch at Bukit Jambul (local restaurant)
With its cool and fresh weather, lunch at Bukit Jambul gives you chance to enjoy the calmness and magnificent view down over the flatland. The restaurant at the stop over of Bukit Jambul provides large parking lot and the mouthwatering Indonesian cuisines. Bukit Jambul is another natural tourist object in Karang Asem regency exuding the harmonic sights of valley, sea, terrace rice field, mountain, clove trees, and the highland. The area is situated at Pesaban village, about 51 kilometers from Denpasar city. It’s very easy to reach this place as Bukit Jambul is right by the main road to Besakih Mother Temple.

Pura Besakih (Besakih Temple)
Positioned about 60 kilometers from Denpasar city, the Besakih Mother Temple is implicitly said as the biggest temple on the island and in Indonesia archipelago. Encompassing 18 temple clusters lengthening up the mountain, this sacred temple is right on the foot of Mount Agung. The weather is relatively cool and pleasant as the area is located about 1000 meters height above the sea level. The history of Besakih name was derived from “Basuki” meaning “safe”. The worshipers mostly choose to worship in the evening or early in the morning, since in the day time there are too many local and international visitors who come for sightseeing. Whenever the visitors enter the temple, wearing sarong and sash is somehow strongly required to respect the Balinese tradition.

Kerta Gosa (floating hall, court of justice)
Kerta Gosa is located in Semarapura town at the heart of Klungkung regency, only 1 hour from Denpasar city. The entire clusters area was originally named Taman Gili and Kerta Gosa was the name given to two Bale buildings, Bale Kerta Gosa and Bale Kambang. Somehow, Kerta Gosa is more famous than Taman Gili. The uniqueness of Kerta Gosa can be recognized from ornamented ceiling illustrating popular artwork, conveying good against the evil painted with the 2-dimension puppet style that the Kamasan village in Klungkung regency is renowned for. As the worthy heritage of Semarapura ancient kingdom, Kerta Gosa and Bale Kembang are now utilized as a sacred place for some Hinduism ceremonies. As historical complex, here the visitors can also find the ancient and history items such as some pictures of Klungkung King Family and its kinfolk.

Tour price:
adult = USD 49 nett/pax.
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children 75% off from adult fare. [ infant is Free of Charge ]

inclusive on tour:
luxury transport, English speaking tour guide assistance, hot buffet lunch, mineral water on tour, entrance ticket,

pengelipuran village bali

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